Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Why would anyone get an air conditioner hire? There are two reasons that actually go together, time and money. If you only need the air conditioner for a short time you save a lot of money with a hire. lg 1 ton dual inverter ac So if it is just for a special occasion or for cool climate guests the air con hire is right for you.

Many companies offer this service. There are many brands so deciding which is right for you only require a little research. First you should figure out the amount of area you want to cool. Generally this is done by determining the square meters of your area. Of course you would adjust your requirements upwards for high ceilings or exposure to direct sun. Once you know that then you can determine what size you need and type you need.

The ratings for an air conditioner are quite simple and look something like this: 3.5 KW for up to 25 m², or 4.4 KW for up to 35 m². So the amount of cooling you need is generally reflected in the Kilowatt capacity the air conditioner hire will provide. The prices go up with the higher kilowatts. The daily prices go down with a longer hire. And of course the higher the KWs the higher the operating costs.

You can hire an air conditioner that is permanent in nature. These are usually the type that goes into windows. These are probably the most efficient. However it does require the extra installation process and they are not as readily available as the portable types.

Delivery and pick up is important in an air conditioner hire. If the air conditioner is large you may need some help with moving it around. And many hire companies offer professional installation to make sure it is set up and running properly. Have the company install is also better if something is to go wrong or not work.

There are some air condition hires that really do just that, condition your air. That means that they can go hot or cold. It also means you can get a type that humidifies of dries you air. If you’re right on the coast you may want the dry air option. And if inland maybe some humidifying would be good for you. It is also best to get an air condition hire with good and easy to change filters.

Noise is something to consider. If you can you really should hear it run before you hire. If your need is for a bedroom this is very important. Also it will make a difference on where you want to place the unit.

As with most hires the truth is that the higher quality hires cost more than the lower quality ones. In an air conditioner the lower quality ones can end up costing you more because of energy inefficiency. Normally speaking the newer ones is better. Whether or not you are going to bring your air conditioner home or have it delivered it is best that you go and pick it out yourself. Hire companies are most often going to pick the one that is the least attractive to hire if you do not go there yourself.

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